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Welcome to resources! This page is meant to be a growing list, so check back for new items. If there’s something you’re wondering about that isn’t covered here, feel free to shoot me an email att mary@kitnkabookle.com, and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

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My Stuff

-The Writing Tips Collection (my blog posts about craft and business—updated as I post new content)
-The rather short-lived Tips ‘N Treats collection, which I’d like to revive at some point.
-And some books about writing that I’ve hosted over the years.


-Save the Cat! By Blake Snyder (book)
-Self-Editing for Self-Publishers by Richard Bradburn (book)
-4 Ways to Fix a Boring Story from Writers Helping Writers
-Omniscient point of view from AJC Publishing, Manuscript Editing Services
-How Long Should a Book Be? (from Writers Digest)


-Query Shark, maintained by literary agent Janet Reid
-Effective comps in your query by Janet Reid, literary agent
-”Said Bookisms” (AKA, why said isn’t dead)
-Fiction Subgenres (from Writers Digest)


-Self-Publishing Resources compiled by Martin Publishing Services
-The Business of Being a Writer by Jane Friedman (book)
-20BooksTo50K® (Facebook group)
-The Ultimate Guide To Goodreads For Authors from KindlePreneur
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