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Welcome to the Sunday Post!

A big thanks to Caffeinated Reviewer for hosting this meme!

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Last Week’s Posts

Monday: Will Read for Beer: 4 Pros of Pro Beta Readers
Tuesday: Review: Cooking for Ghosts by Patricia V. Davis
Thursday: Author Interview: BENNYTOWN by Matt Carter

This Week’s Posts

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Monday: Giveaway: 17 YA Fantasy Books and a Kindle Fire 7
Tuesday: Excerpt+Giveaway: Apophis by Raj Anand
Thursday: Author Interview: THE WARRIOR'S PROGENY by Jeny Heckman

In Other News…

Well, the truck saga is at an end. The boyfriend found the one he wanted, drove a total of 9 hours to get it, and is taking it to get anti-rust treatment sprayed on it. It’s shiny and pretty. I actually miss the old one, but the new one is just so shiny…

In Books:
I read this for professional development, and man, was it helpful. I’ve got it sitting in a place of honor on my ereader so I can go back and reference it when I get to different parts of the process. The fruits of this week’s reading is picking up my newsletter game (see the pretty form below?). Looking forward to tackling more of the advice in this one’s pages.
This was a fun read. I’m always up for superheroes, and there was a lot of action coupled with some truly great emotions. While I enjoyed it, though, I didn’t love it, mainly due to the many, many side conversations that seemed to just be about teenagers making fun of each other for acting like teenagers and posting on social media about it. It was a bit too much for me, but other readers may feel differently. Worth a read, in any case.

In Movies:
This was very adorable. I think it’s a German movie that was dubbed in English, but that didn’t stop me from being overcome by cuteness. Not even the main character’s lack of name (literally, when she’s asked who’s there, she only says “me”) kept me from wanting to finish the movie. The music was also lovely. Recommend.
This was cute, if kind of lacking in the characterization department. There weren’t any real surprises, but if you want a solid movie with kitties to keep kids entertained, it might do the trick.

Otherwise, still going through Monk, and we started season 2 of Murder, She Wrote.

Stay well, and have a great week!

Oh, and the pretty form…

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