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Tuesday: THE SECRET SPICE CAFE TRILOGY by Patricia V. Davis
Thursday: SOMEONE ELSE'S VENGEANCE by Benjamin LaMore

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Friday: Heart and Soul by Karen Michelle Nutt

In Other News…

Oh man, so many things. The boyfriend won a two-week furlough for the beginning of July. So, when life gives you lemons, go to the boyfriend’s brothers lakehouse for a couple of weeks and just take some time to chill. I do recommend this as a destressing technique. However, don’t be like us and have a death in the family midway through. Oh, and don’t get into a minor car accident on the way home (everyone’s fine. There is a dent in the truck, though). Even so, they were a nice two weeks full of warm weather, time in the quiet, and a much-needed scenery change.

And now I’m back with lots of cool things!

-My site has it’s new domain: It’s shiny and pretty and lacks a blogspot.
-My newsletter is now a thing! Want non-inbox clogging updates to my promo opps, editing services, and general book things? Hop over here and sign up!
In books:

I’ve been reading a lot for work but have managed to get in one pleasure read.

This was a great middle-grade adventure with cool worlds and magic suitcases. I didn’t get as immersed as I thought, but it was still quite an enjoyable read.

Believe it or not, I’d never seen this til this week. I wound up enjoying it a lot. “Ladies, you’re both pretty. Can I go home now?” If you don’t know, watch it. It’s worth it.

We also finished up Just Add Magic: Mystery City, which ended nicely. Time to load up a new series, so drop me some suggestions.

How are things where you are? Everyone staying well, I hope.

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  1. Sorry about the death and the car accident, but I’m glad you got to chill. I hope you have a good week!

  2. Chilling at a lake house does sound wonderful. Sorry to hear about the death in the family and the car accident though.

  3. Sorry to hear about a death in the family and the accident! Nice that you got to have some downtime at a lake house, though. Happy reading!

  4. You have had quite a week! Sorry to hear about the car accident and death in the family. Glad that you had some time to relax though at the lake house.

  5. Relaxing at regular lake sounds great, what a shame about the death in the family and the car bump.

    Megamind is great fun, I loved it.

    Have a good week.


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