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Welcome to the Sunday Post!

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Last Week’s Posts

-Monday: SOPHIE WASHINGTON: MY BFF by Tonya Duncan Ellis
-Wednesday: LINAGE by C. Vonzale Lewis
-Saturday: Tips ‘N Treats roundup post

This Week’s Posts

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Sunday: EINSTEIN'S COMPASS by Grace Blair and Laren Bright
Tuesday: EDGER by David Beem
Wednesday: HOUSE OF THE 12TH PLANET by Miriam Newman
Thursday: SECRET SUPERS by Andy Zach
Saturday: Tips ‘N Treats roundup post (new releases, ebook deals, and editing tips)

In Other News…

Happy Sunday (yes, it’s Sunday)! This week brought yummy pesto concoction cooked up by the boyfriend. It’s so nice having a partner who (a.) can cook really well, and (b.) was patient while I learned to cook. The end result is lots of yummy food and a shared responsibility in the kitchen, which seems like it meant a lot more when he’d actually be going to the office and had a longer commute than the basement stairs. We do eat dinner an hour or two earlier than we were before lockdown started, something I’ll really miss when this ends.

On the reading front:

-I finished Shorefall, and as I wrote on Goodreads: “Wow…just…wow. If you need me, I’ll be melted in a puddle waiting for the next book.” I couldn’t spoil it if I wanted to. Just go read Foundryside. Then read Shorefall. Then come talk to me.
-I also finished Duality Bridge. I didn’t have the same puddle reaction, but this series is nothing to sneeze at either. There’s evidently a third book, so I’ll have to grab that at some point.
-The latest installment in Victoria Thompson’s gaslight mysteries hit shelves this week, and I breezed through that—Murder on Pleasant Avenue. Full disclosure: Vicky was one of my professors in grad school, but that has nothing to do with how much I enjoy this series.

For movies, we ended the Anne Hathaway watch-a-thon and had a Disney weekend of Zootopia and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Midweek brought us The Birdcage, which my dad quoted endlessly when I was a kid but I’ve just gotten around to watching. Very good. Nathan Lane is always a joy, and I miss Robin Williams. We also finally joined the Firestick party and are in the process of discovering all the free things available through Prime. Oh, and I found Hoopla. Goodbye, productivity.

Lastly, I learned a new word this week. Being the Douglas Adams fan that I am, I feel like I should have recalled this from my reading, but this is such an awesome word that I can’t hold it against myself. The boyfriend’s department head does a weekly “happy hour” on Tuesdays, and we play trivia. The answer to one of this week’s questions was “sheppey,” which means (and I quote) the “closest distance at which sheep remain picturesque, which is about 7/8 of a mile.”

On that note, what did you read or watch (or what strange words did you learn) this week? Drop me a comment!

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  1. Your cooking situation sounds perfect. Nobody in my house likes to cook or is good at it. We eat a lot of frozen stuff. Have a good week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!


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