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In Other News…

I can’t quite believe it’s Sunday again already. I actually wrote this a couple of days ago, and my current headspace is begging the weekend to get here just a little bit faster. I feel exhausted from so many little things I had to do this week. Those people who have all this free time because of quarantine orders…how did they manage it, and where can I get some?

Anyway, books:

-I made some progress on The Duality Bridge but had to put it down to beta read a book for work (which I thoroughly enjoyed—love my job!)
-I finished reading The Summer Prince. I can see where 16-year-old me (or even 26-year-old me) would have swooned in all the right places. But 31-year-old me either has changed a lot since then or has the best boyfriend in the world (in case he reads this, let’s go with the latter. Hi, dear!) I wanted to get this done even though the book club discussion isn’t for another couple of weeks, and I was going to go back to Duality Bridge but didn’t because…
-I started Shorefall!!! Nothing against Duality Bridge. Now that I’ve remembered the first book more, it’s really good stuff. But there is a short list of authors for which everything else that I’m not getting paid to read gets put on hold for. Bennett is one of them. Loving Shorefall so far.

In the movie world, we continued the Anne Hathaway watch-a-thon with The Intern (2015) and Hoodwinked. The Intern is one of those movies I just find so real. Hoodwinked is all animated fairy-tale fun. There’s a sequel, but Hathaway isn’t in it, even though she played the main character in the first. Someone else plays Little Red Riding Hood, which is fine, but if we watch it, it can’t count toward the watch-a-thon.

I also watched the A Wrinkle in Time movie and had all the feels while doing so. I think the boyfriend fell asleep, but he doesn’t identify with that story the way I do, so I can understand him nodding off. Besides, that meant I could squeee in peace.

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  1. Honestly the weekend is pretty meaningless for me, except that hubby hogs the television since he is home LOL I hope you enjoy your break.

    Wishing you a great reading week, be well x

  2. Ahhh, I really need to start Shorefall. I hope I remember the first book well enough, though...!

    1. All you need to remember is the golden construct and the scary thing in the black veil. Now, go forth and read. :)

  3. I've been meaning to re-watch A Wrinkle in Time - thanks for the reminder :) Stay safe and enjoy your week!


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