EMERALD CITY NIGHTS by Jayme Beddingfield

by Jayme Beddingfield

Volume One

Extremely powerful Telekinesis.
An internal war.
A damaged mind.
A chance to make a difference.
Two reasons to walk away.
Every reason to stay.
Friends lost.
Enemies gained.
A new hope found.

Can Ruby walk away?
Can she ever ever change?

"I can’t lose him. Beads of sweat run down my face. My body vibrates as my feet pound across the pavement. Or is it dirt? Where am I? What is that smell? Is it garbage? No, it smells more like rotting flesh. A heavy thrust to my back. My face hits the ground. I can taste the dirt between my teeth. My tongue is heavy with a foul taste. Sharp claws grab onto my ankles. I scream. No sound comes out. My skin is shredded inch by inch across the cement. I’m being pulled. Where am I being taken? Teeth stab into my leg. The pain is overwhelming. Think about sketching; think about Tristan. He’s right there sitting on a rocking chair watching me. Why isn’t he helping me? Where is everyone else? Where am I? I’m surrounded by darkness. I can’t see anything. Whispers echo inside of my head. The sound of metal grinding against rock pierces my teeth. I pull at my face but nothing is covering my eyes. Pressure squashes my chest as hands wrap around my throat. A heavy laughter is inches from my mouth. I scream." -inside of Ruby's mind.

Volume Two

A fraud.
A hero.
Cherished by two people she’s sworn to herself she’d protect.
Time is running out.
A terrible enemy.
A created army.
The past won’t let go.
Pain is real.
Promises can’t be made.
Love that is destined to end in sorrow.

Can Ruby win this battle?

"My lips are burning. My mouth is a desert. The skin on my legs and arms is raw and open. A rusted, crude blade has been in my body. My hands are heavy—something is around them. My breathing is labored. I suck a bubble of stale air in through my nose. My nostrils burn. I smell death and filth. Where am I? I force my eyes open. Hardened mucus is keeping my eyelids together. A panic rises in my chest. Dirt and rock frame my fingers. I need to know where they have taken me. I force my eyelids open. The edges burn as they rip apart from each other. My vision is unclear and shadowed with darks spots. I rest my head down on what feels like a rock. There will be plenty of time to panic when I see where I am. I fight to breathe. I focus on inhaling and exhaling. I let my eyes hold still on whatever is in front of me. The cloudiness is starting to break apart. The heavy fog turns into a light mist.

Aged rocks form a barbarous cell around me. The stone is stained with blood. Large rusted bars are impaled in the earth craven forming a door—a locked door. I look down at my encumbered hands." -inside of Ruby's Mind.

~Volumes one and two are available at Amazon and B&N.


Jayme Beddingfield studied creative writing at Brigham Young University. Originally from Northern New Jersey she now lives in Seattle, the city that inspired her hit series Emerald City Nights. She lives with her husband, two children, and slew of adopted pets.

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